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Thread: Why would you ever want a bandit over a thief?

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    Default Why would you ever want a bandit over a thief?

    Why would you ever want a bandit over a thief? A thief costs 40 and a bandit costs 250, so you could build 6 thief's for each bandit (and save 10 goods). 6 theifs would have total hit points of 2160, vs 1 bandit would have total hit points of 720. Also 6 theif's would have total damage of 780 per second. A bandit would have total damage of 135 per second.

    So you might be saying you don't care about saving goods and you would rather have 6 bandits instead of 6 thief's. Well, a bandit takes up 10 housing spaces and a thief takes only 1. So you can go to battle with 10 thief's. Now your 10 thief's have total damage of 1300, and hit points of 3600, vs a bandit's 135 damage and 720 hit points.

    Now if you were getting hit by something with splash damage this would change which unit you may want, but since these are for going after resources and not defenses I would think the splash damage units wouldn't play into most peoples situations.

    This math compares a thief with 1 star vs a bandit with no stars, because that is what i currently have. but since raising stars also raises cost I think you will find that this type of math will always favor the thief.

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    hear hear thats my thoughts on them too, on top of that they move slower than thieves.
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    yes, you are right, i meant to mention that.


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