Through a gap in a stairwell
I sight a small fantasy
of a girl I don't know

And in my minds eye
I form a quiet story
of how we will meet
and where we will go

I will travel along eyeliner
and curve into lips
travel landscapes held tightly
by a cloak which completely frames her face

as it will frame us in an embrace

A fantasy that would break
if I acted and stopped my gaze

First poem Ive done in years :P I liked it so thought I'd share it. give me your thoughts

Also hello to the old and new of readers of this section you guys really gave me my first audience to my creative writing/ Role Playing. This part of the forum really got me interested in writing my own stuff, so this is for the guys I Rp'd with and the stories I read during that time, your guys enthusiasm was contagious and I'm grateful for that