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    I have played evony since server 5 of Age 1. I have also played Age of Empire and Lord of Ultima. Evony commander has potential to be the best PVP game on the market. I have 3 suggestion for evony and from what i can see it would be easy to implement.

    1. Have a building maybe call it Area (anything). If a player want to do match fighting he goes in the building, that way he does not have to worry about being attack all the time from match. Some people may not want to match fight, so they loose out on the honor benefits evony has set up.

    2. If you go into a match fight you should be allowed to see the attack on you just like when being invaded and be able to use your heroe(s). The same thing for plundering. If you get attack on a plunder you should have at least a 15 minute warming and be able to use your hereo(s)

    3. If you plunder someone and win. As the game stand now you have a white flag place over your city. Big deal. You win the plunder as a reward for a week you get 20 percent of all the resource that player make in both the res filed and from plundering, almost the same concept for colonizing in age 2. Only way to break the 20 percent if one of your alliance member or you attack him and win.

    I also think when you have an army made and it is sitting in the city and you get attack from a plunder that army should do something, I know the army is for offensive fighting but when being attack they can at least act like a road block slowing down the attacker.

    Also in commander being in a alliance does not seem to have any great benefits. Maybe implement a feature making more interesting for an alliance to work as an alliance.
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