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Thread: *Dawnseeker* Is this a weekly thing?

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    Default *Dawnseeker* Is this a weekly thing?

    So for the last few weeks around the weekend no one can log in. I mean you can not log in at all. Some players are in by other means but trying to log normal is a joke. I follow all the rules and this is what happens to me. I am also a coiner. Not heavy but still one so I except a quality game to play. Not something where when I am able to play I can't because of lags and death clocks and now the death log in.

    I am going to be very honest here. Evony is losing players each day on all servers. The service sucks. The game is bad. Lag, death clock and death log in is killing the game.

    I have been playing for over 4 years. The game was very fun.


    1: Maybe start doing a Mega Server. This is 10 servers merged. Make the maps bigger or even add new states.
    2: Add more RAM and maintenance to your servers so the game can run better.
    3: Listen to your customers. We are your income. Without us you lose money.

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    The ability to login is now a part of the game. Despite having lvl 10 keyboard and a golden mouse i have been unable to login for last 36hrs. Not to say that if i had sat there solid for 36 hrs i may have been able to but a) i have a life b) there are other free games willing to unload me of my $ that allow me to login first time.

    Four years, it was good but, uCool, Regane or whatever you may be called this week, YOU have destroyed this game by ignoring the players, ignoring the problems and failing to act.

    Looking forward to (not) receiving a 25k food compensation package

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    Upgrading a server involves them going through the dumpster at Best Buy and trying to piece something together.

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    Its not a weekly thing. I've not been able to log in for 48 hours. Not that Evony care.
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    I for about 6 hours today. I was able to lastnight.

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    O and look no response from the mods go figure.....We should all get 1k cents and free food for a month to make up for the troops being lost due to refuge..but on a good note we got a new super server..yeeeeeeefooookingha

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    or atlest they could turn on the no upkeep so the troops wont refuge to they fix the problem
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    well, since this morning haven't been able to login. got a ticket in already earlier this evening. This is ridiculous. With holidays coming they expect us to spend money on a game that you can't even get into? ha

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    just now noticed something, but not sure why, when you try to login, went down where all the servers are listed, SS46 is not in the list??


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