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    Default MUST ADDRESS and FIX

    Today I notice a huge issue that need to be address. If you attack someone and win the battle the defender get seriously punish for loosing the battle as his city looses influence as it affect the production of the city. So the bigger player tend to pick on the on the weaker. I am ok with it.

    WHAT NEED TO BE ADDRESS is this. I was attack 3 time by a bigger player and he lost the battle all 3 time. The ATTACKER did not even get one star since he barely destroyed any buildings. To be exact. He attack me 3 separates time and he destroyed a combine total of 14 buildings that right 3 attack and destroyed 14 buildings and they happen to be my coin and food storage building.

    He plunder me and I win the battle outright and yet he come out on top. Does not make any sense or logic to me. The worst part I did not get any honor or experience for my hero. It was a win win win situation for him and he lost the battle 3 times. Nothing is stopping a player from plundering a little player especially if nothing happen to him for loosing the battle. In essence a smaller player rely has no chance of growing in this game.

    We are seriously punished for loosing a the fight when defending are city and yet when we outright win we get nothing and to make matter worst the looser walk away with a plunder. So the looser is the winner. One would think if you attack someone and get totally beaten down you would loose experience or honor or city influence that affect your city and its resource production like when you loose the battle.
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    this is very true, the defender gains absolutely nothing from a ddefeated map raid, not even general experience, its ridiculous
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    Update. The attacker came back to visit me today. He took out 4 farms and 2 storage building. He plundered 60K in resource and the totally lost the battle. He did not even get 1 STAR. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT THIS ISSUE. This is making absolutely no sense at all. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE TO REWARD SOMEONE FOR LOOSING A BATTLE? AND HOW COME I AM NOT REWARDED FOR WINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I could understand if he was a same level player as me. He is way way bigger and yet he get his lunch handed to him and get rewarded. One would think that if a way bigger player is attacking a smaller player on map raid the smaller player should have a handicap. NOPE that is not even the case. The bigger player win all around.
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    The answer is, redo your city so its harder for them to plunder your resources. This is part of the games strategy, not an issue that needs fixed. What needs fixed is your defensive strategy.

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    mattp169 what happen to your city in a map raid, when you get attack and loose? When you defend your city and win from a map raid, do you get res or experience or honor or NOTHING?


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