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Thread: Merger Mail Fail

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    Default Merger Mail Fail

    From the Super Server FAQ accompanying Dawnseeker's merger announcement:

    When will the servers go offline for the merge?
    The listed servers will go offline at approximately 12:01 a.m. on August 16.

    August 16?
    Or do you mean November 16?

    From the mail sent by Evony:

    Due to this, we are bringing the servers offline at 00:00(CDT) November 19th 2013 so that we can begin preparing for this epic chapter in the saga of the Evonian lands.
    After 6 hours, at 6:00(CDT) April 19th, new server named SS77 will be online for the campaign to begin!

    So, is that November 16 or November 19???
    And six hours later, it's April 19???

    WTF is going on?

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    that's not news anymore, it has been accepted that evony does not proofread anything before they send anything out. Where were you at from the last 4 years?!!!
    Sorry, JaysonMann... It's ur turn to pawn a sowhat and break the record, the pressure is off my shoulders and is back on yours!

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