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Thread: Can We Get A Little More From the EVONY Team

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    Default Can We Get A Little More From the EVONY Team

    So last night at midnight server time the wrong silver key was added to the shop. Many players bough them unknowing that they would not work on the mass of chests in their items. It has been almost 19 hours now and many threads and we still have no official response from the EVONY team. Dawnseeker, Davemata and any other EVONY employees , is it too much to ask for you to pay a little more attention to these forums. When something goes wrong players do still turn to these. U see names that havent been seen here in years pop up when servers crash or something like this happens. I have felt over the last 2 years you have distanced yourselves a great deal from these forums, and in the last 6 months - 1 year have basically given up on them. Like I said this is still one of the turn to places when things go wrong and would it be too much for the EVONY team to maybe at least check in on a regular basis throughout the day, so u can address issues in a timely manner and not leave your customer base hanging with no idea what is going to happen.

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    Well said.. Evony staff seem to hide when things go wrong. Support tickets not answered, Twitter and Facebook or the forums never seem to be updated anymore. Dawnseeker's post was pretty useless since we are now 14-15 hours past maintenance. The only response we got that was even remotely true was when ssfgrgawer said "Im guessing you will get them after maint on your given server. Dont quote me on that tho, You may have just gotten unlucky. " What the hell are was supposed to do with a statement like that? I realize ssf is just a mod but seriously?

    Guess he was right, we just got unlucky.

    Give us an update Evony because it's your job and right now you're sucking at it.

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    ssf just keeps people from spamming and stuff. Evony doesn't give him anymore information than they give you. He's only a player just like anyone else who was also subjected to incorrect keys from the shop just like everyone else. I think ssf got lucky that he was sleeping those 1-2 hours though

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    That was kinda my point Ailuros lol We need the actual Evony staff to step up and do their jobs. Unfortunately ssf the lucky bugger was the only one that said anything close to what actually happened. Still no response to support tickets, no new info on the forums, facebook or twitter. Same shyt same pile.


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