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Thread: Grill Or barbie? You Decide.

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    Default Grill Or barbie? You Decide.

    Ok so this is like a super mega necro of what this thread turned into:

    but WHAT is the difference between Grilling and having a BBQ?!?!?!

    Personally a BBQ is outdoors, Steak burnt just right, With a beer assisting your "Is it burnt enough yet" choice, while Grilling is what George Forman does now days (with less fat above all things pfft)

    The Barbie pwns The Grill.

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    but WHAT is the difference between Grilling and having a BBQ?!?!?!
    Grilling is what I do with my weber, generally. Involves me using mesquite (and only), high temps (400-600F), and getting a good sear on things. Generally steaks, burgers, chicken breasts, pork steaks, etc.

    Now, barbecue is something I'll do with a weber, but more generally with a smoker. Involves low temps between 225 and 275, you're using smoke for flavor, and the low and slow cooking takes a long time but makes things very tender and tasty. Ribs, pork butts, briskets. Another differentiation, is I'll grill when I want direct heat, and barbecue when I don't. Some things I make take both.

    My grilled turkey. I'll barbecue it for a couple hours over mesquite and apple wood, around 250F, indirect heat. Then, for the last twenty minutes or so, I'll crank up the heat to as high as I can get it, baste the turkey (it has been jointed) with a butter and wine mix, and then grill that beasty hard to do some excellent things to the skin and the flavor.

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    in canada we have bbq's


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