Welcome, we are Game0n and are looking for active and experienced members for the upcoming server, NA53

My mates and I plan on taking a top alliance on NA53 when released. I have been playing Evony for a little over 4 years now, and am only looking for other experienced players to start this alliance with. I currently am active, but plan to make NA53 my main server. I have been in every position of an alliance, from host down to member. I have successfully created a training alliance for a multi-alliance coalition. While making the trainees prosper and sending them off to the "real" alliances, I also managed diplomacy between these 3 families of alliances with nearly 8 alliances in total. I have a proclivity for Diplomacy, and therefore am searching for others to lead and excel in other departments.

Plans For the Future
- Positions within Game0n will be based upon merit alone
- We need, and will only accept, full time players, not weekend warriors
- Will start alliance with existing members before server opening, filling it out with players picked up from the server
- God willing, we will make a second alliance to place our less fortunate members in.

Contact Details
- Talk to me on Skype andy_yono2005@yahoo.com
- Email me at andy.yono2012@gmail.com
- Talk to me on forum account na52
Posted for a Friend. It is not my alliance so please do not contact me. Contact him with the above details.