Server 51 has showed to be quite far from being over...YES Atlantis was capped in near record speed,but the real action has been the time SINCE it got capped. Seige has been laid to PleaseMe of 300 alliance today.No fewer than 50 full war cities ported in,and YES!,it finally cracked.After a few hours of the comfort game(I mean really there should be a cooldown on speech texts) But now PleaseMe has run to his alt alliance 2012 for rein.I feel that 300 is on the ropes,and would like to give a BIG shoutout to all alliances involved in this endeavor. Tw1sted,Tw2sted,and Tw3sted,the 6666 families,Powerhouse,A51,Justice,and anyone else that has been out there on the front lines.Keep up the good work everyone on both sides,that way I have something else to report during the next na51server war updates.