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Thread: Civony is broken?

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    Default Civony is broken?

    Do umge admin even look at these forums? Your game is broken!

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    lol....Wondering the same thing

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    The server was under an urgent maintenance just now.

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    Can you urgent take-my-heros-out-of-march?

    I can't play your game, its broken. Heroes have been stuck on march just like in beta.

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    Hi dude, we have reported your bug to the Tech Team. And i sincerely know it is an old bug. Now we are working hard on it.

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    Smile bugz

    ya i keep finding all these bugs, but its ok kuz theyre dead so i swept em away.

    (is spamming looked down upon?)
    -If you don't live for something, then you will die for nothing.

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    Default Hero Marching/Defending

    Why not have a system wide reset of all heros? I'm not saying delete them all, I'm saying make them all spares again. I don't mind reassigning a Castellan again if it means getting my other heros back. Give everyone a "5 minute" warning again.


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