~start ramble [feel free to pass onto devel or admin to reach someone worth reviewing if you see fit]

I would have loved to have seen a little more thought put into the mergers other than simply dumping a bunch of players from each server into a tight sized map with the exact same setup which leads to the same end result. I went through the very first merger on age1 and while it was fun for a short period of time nothing new or better came out of the gameplay from evony age1. I'm guessing the exact same result will happen on age2 as there is no real game change other than a 'server reset' and all the flaws of the game still exist.

With only a few minor code tweaks Evony could expand the game for longer life and make it more interesting for the vets that have stuck around for an insanely long time and become extremely frustrated with the lack of simple updates which could make Age2 complete and enjoyable for a long duration.

Its obvious that flaws may exist in the below rant but I believe if some form of updates could be implemented for the server mergers it would be a win/win for players and evony alike.

+ Expanded map size is obviously a must. You can't jam all these players into a map the same size.

+ Citadel lvl20 (500k rally), 4 lvl18s, etc.. 16s,14s,12s.

+ Drafting radius would need a bit of a hackup but wouldn't be too hard. Citadels get the whole server.. 18s in 1/4 quad they are currently in.. 16,14,12s same as is. New states names would need to be invented due to the X4 size but this would allow a large amount of room for a server na1-4 super-server merge.

+ Consideration of allowing HCs to be relocated with a adv/teleport cooldown of one week would be interesting and an instantly respawning HC of that level would allow for multiple high level hcs to be taken by players on the server. This would create more token pieces on the board for pvp and npc capture rather than the static setup in place at the moment which combined with the inability to actual capture these tokens making them useless. If a higher level hc 20/18 stays in the same position as its default location it is randomly placed on the board after a random amount of time spawning a new npc of that level. Large level hcs become useless after the areas around them are wiped of hostiles making them a rather useless token piece.

+ Changes in the comforting abilities of hcs i think is a must. After all the game is supposed to be all about pvp and taking over cities but has defaulted to players unable to take cities due to the way that the game is sided towards easy comforting and defense. HC's really should not even have comforting and should auto raise +1 loy after say 10minutes allowing an attacking force to decrease loyalty over the amount of time it takes for loyalty to raise. One Speech-text can be used every 2 hours only.

+ Hero locking of some form. If a town is colonized heros in that town are unable to move until the colonization battle of that town occurs. This forces players to actually defend their hhs rather than just moving them to another city once being put into supp. I mean you pay the 10 cents to lookup the hh.. but one can simply shuffle the hero off to another city once attacked.

+ Stamp out acad backdooring. Make acad locked and unable to be demolished. This allows servers like ours to actually use the colonization feature and to hold towns rather than fear of being acad tech:0 backdoored rendering colonization useless.

A bunch of these minor updates could easily be done by Evony for the new merged servers which would prolong the server life and make it alot more interesting.. in turn.. bringing in alot more revenue to Evony in purchase of items and coins as players stay interested for alot longer periods of time.

People may agree of disagree with the above thoughts but I personally believe these simple updates above would make for a much more fun server and more money in Evony's pocket!

There are plenty of other areas which could be more finely tuned on the game but I hope someone can pass this along before our servers are merged as it did not take me long to grow bored of the last merger on age1 and i came to age2 as it was different but doubt i'll be interested in playing 1-2months after the merger and the server is dominated yet again.. 0,0 or not.

~end ramble thanks for listening

Cheers nb.