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Thread: How does a player do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TriGunSK View Post
    Can i just say this is a war game

    War isn't fair

    WR don't working ?


    Its funny to see that every server has there Handful of cry babys

    Want an Advantage ? Go coin

    It's that simple someone has 400+ Alts ? Go make yourself 400+ alts
    Someone botting ? You bot

    Use what your enemy uses and if you don't wanna coin or have alts or bot well lol you know what to do
    I agree, but you're probably about to be flamed for saying that.

    In the game of Evony, botting has nearly become a requirement. Those who bot have an advantage over the average player. Well, let me reword that, because the botting player has turned into the average player, if you think about it. Finding a player who doesn't bot is usually rare. I'm not saying that botting is right, but without the use of one for essential tasks such as farming, trading, and troop production, it would be a smaller game. In my years of playing, I have discovered that Evony allows bots, to an extent. As long as the bot isn't doing anything that you could not do manually, then Evony is fine with it. The occasional player gets banned occasionally to warn the masses that they CAN ban you if they catch you. As has been stated in multiple threads, there are very easy ways to find out if a player is botting. The top one is common sense. Evony could just look for accounts that are sending out farming waves 24/7, or trading 24/7 in all cities at a speed which would be impossible to do manually.

    On the note of troop producing alts, I will admit that I do not like it, but what can be done? I have around 20 troop producing alts. Not because I want them, but because I need to have them. Top players on my server have hundreds to thousands of troop producing alts. How can I be expected to stay alive in the game without at least attempting to keep up? I know it's unfair, but players will just have to learn to adapt to the lifestyle of the majority of the players.

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    Finally, a whine fest about foul play cheating not involving ss56! Quit your crying, go to a new age 1 server. Within a couple weeks of 186 opening there was a pult hero. Credit card bought most likely, good for the player.

    War games are not meant to be fair. Crying that they aren't means you aren't cut out for it. go play farmville, or candy crush. Or study battle mecahnics and figure out wall/hero/troop necessities to defend yourself. You can stand up to that kind of troops for hours if you are set up right
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