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But when I hear the argument " I miss the days when an archerbow could take out a city", I just can't agree.

I gotta agree with that. Now if i do see a city that can be beaten by a single arch bow, i normally dont bother cause it wont have enough res to make stopping worthwhile. its great when you can catch one of those mega citys and rip chunks out and let em limp out minus a 10-20m archers between a few guys with decent heros, it aint hard.

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Guess its time for all us smaller players to just quit. The ones running 100-200 accounts are still doing so.....
If I cant log, I cant keep what I worked very hard to get.....and perhaps its time to say....I quit.
while im far from the biggest on ss38, im still on the smaller end of the scale, (mabey 300m burn on a good day) i carry enough to hit most anyone, and if they are too big i call SDMF to the party lol. small citys still have a HUGE impact, They make excelent scouts, finding the big citys for the big boys, and they can help out with descouts/spam/whatever.

never underestimate a smaller city then you.

Also i love people with 200+ alts, do you have ANY idea how long it takes them to find which alt your hitting? You find billions of res practically unguarded and they have to look through 20 computers to see which one is running the one your hitting.