create an item that will fill the targets FH for 1 hr thus elminating the chance of losing a hero when attacking.

-millions of troops can be killed in a single wave when using a large hero, you want to level out the playing field then allow the player base the ability to attack without losing their hero's that take months and years to build up.

-do another contest to roll it out and can name it after the player like you did with the last contest. call it- Deck the Halls with "player name" , cost 100 coin, 1 hr duration, can not be used more than 4 times in 24 hr's on a target.

This item alone can be used by any level player and would dramaticly change the way war is waged on the servers, players would now be able to send a monster set at a target with the massive hero's they have built up for years and really kill off those massive troop counts that everyone seems so up in arms over.

send a mech wave with a lvl 130 hero and kill a few, send the same wave with a lvl 900 hero and kill multiple millions.

Happy Hunting all