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Thread: New Item - No More Lost Heroes

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    i like the idea

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    Well Stone of Finding is close enough, Thanks for the new item, hope it works well!

    Happy Hunting!

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    Would it be possible to review the new item and tweak it a little to allow for lag and the amount of time required to click on the item and use it so that there is a chance of actually being able to use the item?

    It takes the defender only a second to dismiss, however even with zero lag it takes 3 seconds to open the item, then select the hero to recall.

    In it's current state the item is not useable.

    Look forward to a response

    Happy Hunting!

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    Any chance of some sort of confirmation on :the stone of finding"?

    i have yet to be able to use it because every lost hero is dismissed before i can even open the item after losing it. even if i have the item open as the waves land by the time the hero shows in the item it already shows as dismissed.

    i have heard from people that have been able to use the item, so can you clarify on these as well...

    account A lost hero to Account B

    account A recalls the hero using the item, but when the hero returns it requires nation medals to persuade it.
    does this item still require you to have the nations to get your hero back?

    Account B persuades the hero, then account A recalls it back.
    account b gets gold from the persuade back but none of the nations it used? i thought that if someone used the item to get a hero back that the account B gets it's nations back. is that not the case?

    Regardless, if i can't even use the item fast enough to recall a hero it won't matter if the hero requires nations or not. You really need to look into putting a timer on it that allows a recall even if dismissed within a minute of losing the hero. And if the item still requires nations for getting your hero back, then this just lost value to use on big hero's for big kills. Fewer people will send the massive hero's if they are going to need to be sitting on 1000's of nations to get hero's back. would be faster and easier to just power lvl a new hero up then farm nations 24/7.

    Happy Hunting!

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    I have never been able to use the Stone Of Finding.

    Regardless of what happens to the lost hero, I never get any heroes showing up in the list.
    12 hours after losing the hero, I check stats and the hero is still showing but now owned by the player I was hitting, I hit the city again and my lost hero is defending. Try the Stone of Finding again but still no joy.

    So, the hero is still in the system, not dismissed or released, it's within 24hours since losing it in battle yet still i'm not able to use the Stone of Finding.
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    have you used the item while your in the city that lost them, or in another city?

    when i use the item i see the hero's i lost, but they show as dismissed, if i click on them to recall it tells me they were already dismissed.

    Happy Hunting!

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    I've tried using the item in every city I own. With the map on screen, with the city on screen and with the res fields on screen.

    Still the same result - no heroes listed and unable to use the item.
    There's nothing to see here... please move along in an orderly fashion.

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    There's nothing to see here... please move along in an orderly fashion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MechHead View Post
    i think the best thing they could do personally is to nerf intel heroes effect on a battle rendering them only useful for researching and thus negating the need for milliions of archers (which i personally find a rather pathetic way to defend)

    load em up and watch em die lol takes me back to the good ol days when ppls idea of defense was just shove as much crap in there as you can
    I dont think intel needs to be stripped of all its usefulness. For instance rams intel buff = makes sence, Swordsmen intel buff makes sence, but archers that are spost to have bugger all defence, shouldnt get such a huge buff. Just IMO OR limit said buff to much lower levels to prevent the enourmous archer walls we currently see, They wanna stack troops make em fork out for 200m rams instead. Try feeding that sucker.

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    I like the concept of this item - stone of finding sucks and most of the time doesn't work, especially when bots dismiss hero's in seconds.

    Maybe you can name the item something like "Jailers Key" - whereby all captured heroes can escape back to you for a period of time.

    The issue (on Age2) is that people have in excess of 600m archers in every HC16 and killing a small amount like 20m archers can cost 40 or more level 100 heroes, due to capping, at which point you stop and have to rebuild. Sure you can multi account and draft heroes but cheating to beat a cheat shouldn't be the answer.

    ...and getting 30 people online to take on 600m archers is just not going to happen.


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