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Thread: New Item - No More Lost Heroes

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    Misa see pot calling kettle black again. Misa think is funny. Misa know that good guy too powerful for Marcel and his gang of thieves. Hey look what misa found;

    Now that misa think is worth investigating. Misa know that you cannot win game so you steal accounts and try play victim. Evony staff no dum dum, evony staff knows Marcel behind all this. Evony staff knows Marcel cheated them out money. The moon can only be covered with hand if you only look from one perspective. You just posted half alliance, misa think that is silly.

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    lol Evony staff? man Evony doesn't and never really did have a staff man

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    to make this game fun again evony should do following.
    1: remove the option to get a free Food city.u only need to put 537m Archers in a city then u dont need to pop a vesta.evony loosing Money People dont need to buy chest to get vesta.
    2 remove the option to colonize a city.if evony are removing this option we get rid of all the alts People more lag.
    3:remove Warehouse. in a hc now u only need farms and 14 Warehouses.and only enough troops to farm..if evony remove Warehouse People actually need to put troops in a hc.and make it 50m Food to Comfort.
    4: hero capping.after capped a hero it cant be dismissed lets say for 4h so u have a chance to stay attacking.
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