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Thread: rome wasnt built in a day, but it can refuge in one

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    Default rome wasnt built in a day, but it can refuge in one

    total loss 330,708,777
    mech loss 45,118,946

    someone attacked him before he could refuge it all and he went straight into holiday. it made for an amusing day of watching reports, the first reports it refuged some ppls entire warcities per refuge. all in all rather embarassing day for skoot who ran out of coins. guess he couldnt keep up with the boycott
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    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.

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    Crestfallen. (he must be)
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    Yeah Poor bugger, wonder if Davidk700 misses his old mate refuge...

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    Refuging like that and still has more troops than most. Lol.

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    That must've been painful.

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    There are much better uses for those troops (item/exp spam for example)...
    But atleast he can actually play the game now... to an extent anyway lol; he still has more than I'd want to try and feed nor need for the hits that I do on players. (difference in skill level I guess)

    Seems like too many players get attached to their troops, then find themselves having to holiday basically nonstop. lol We get it, you glitched, multibotted, and set your troop amounts overwhelmingly too high. Have some control! Heck, if you have resources you can make 1mil pults in a day; You honestly think you need a storage of troop waste like that? The funny ones are the ones who hide in their islands with that nonsense LOL. hehe and there are just as many ways to escape/evade as their are to hiding places as quoted by Franz Kafka, so it's amusing watching players try and defend and then die when they could just move or something; but that's another story.

    Anyway, seeing this refuge made my day.

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    ehh. that sucks

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    pfft his stupidity, he had 172bil iron and cant afford to feed his troops........
    and if your hauling that many troops around..... yeah still stupid, hate how this game has just turned into "Who has the largest army" instead of an actual war/fighting game. Its always fun to port up to those guys and slip some mech waves in and see what results ya get xD always always always worth watching them lose a few mil troops to your like 300k mechs xD


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