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    Lots happening on s181. First off, these reports are nothing special. Haven't posted in a while, so most of the hits/defense are basic.

    86 is currently the top alliance, with many decent players. They have been porting in on us and hitting cities, doing slim to no damage the majority of the time. I have been sitting back and building up troops trying to lay low for a little while. A couple days ago, LordStrath ported in, and then TeamAlice ported into one of our players Hubs, mind you, the 86 member(s) could only hit from a minimum of 4 miles away. Also, they stocked on BG's the last promo...think they have well over 250, so of course they broke his gates. Our guy couldn't move out all his arch to properly defend against the oncoming attacks and asked for someone to port in, and it just so happened my WC was stocked and ready. So I port right over and as soon as I did, my gates were broken. She instantly started sending waves to prevent me from hitting her. Luckily, I had a few treb cities to use. We broke her gates a minute or so before my hits landed. After the set below, I resent and she ported we turned to strath, then he ported out.

    Had a few others that hit arch, but lost them.

    I decided to get a little dirty with 86 so I scouted one that was pretty close to one of my cities. I never saved the SR, but the guy had billions of res and only 50k arch covering. I port in and start hitting with trans, gates stayed closed. Maybe a minute or two after, the host of 86 (Holtz) and BigD (Sure you can guess the rest of his name) ported in a mile from my city. They broke my gates of course, so I brought in a back city. Luckily, I have/had plenty of items to screw their timing up so it would be a lot easier for me to defend. I used it on both as soon as the first wave was launched. 86 likes to bulk on scouts, so descouting is one of their specialties. I was moving over a mil arch, and 12mil scouts back and forth between the cities trying to make it harder for them to kill. I must say I've never defended 2 cities with gates broken against the amount of troops these two guys had. It was very difficult. But those host of 86 showed great sportsmanship (which me being me, I am seriously not used to seeing) after they decided to quit hitting. Only saved a few defense reps, won't bore you with a ton of reps. The hits below are not in order.

    Like I said, very basic...but 181 is turning into quite a fun server, and I'm glad to be playing again!

    **Edit** Don't mind the photo, didn't mean to put that in and not sure how to take it out. Lol.
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