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Thread: Cc2 na1-3 fight for number 1

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    Another PHALANX Wipe

    Decided to hit one of Warrior/Chipmunch's troop towns On Saturday

    Opening Scout :

    Wiped :

    And that's the way that's done
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    Another Epic ThunderLee Fail . Thanks for the HH though (an active player who understands the game would have known better, but this was Lee and was no real surprise)

    I trimmed and drafted Lee from 0,0 this morning for just a little under 8 million archers. Well that made him cranky and he threw a typical Lee temper tantrum . Put every strat there is on me and continued to splat on my 16 until i was up to 260 mill honor and he killed maybe 1 mill archers tops . He also colo'd a fellow khans member and had himself stuck for 8 hours for a supp battle . He recalled troops and promptly truced in typical ThunderLee fashion . About 40 minutes before suppression battle time he decided to reinforce the city for supp battle with 700k archers , a few layers and an HH . So when Farqwart asked for help i reinforced his town using styg banners over 20 mill Battering Rams and Nadar Shah . Needless to say Lee didnt make a dent and lost his HH in the process . But this is Lee so it really comes as no surprise to anyone. He never did even at his most active have much of a grasp of how to play the game .

    Anyway here's the report:
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    thank you for share

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    Please tell me people don’t still play this **** ������


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