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Thread: Cc2 na1-3 fight for number 1

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    On the other merge servers, there has been a pinkish button next to the player's picture (a 3rd button). First you have to click the ring thing in items and then you click the pinkish button to bring up the hero and set traits. That button isn't there so you can't bring up the hero.

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    Yeah the purple button beside the avatar is missing where they were to be activated, judging from some of the other merged servers. We're missing that button and unable to activate them for use.

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    1st is a picture from CA1 with the pinkish button next to the picture. 2nd is a pic from CC2. Notice no button next to the picture.

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    Any info about this dawnseeker? the pics posted above shows whats missing.....

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    evonyurl.... why you no work anymore?

    anyone have info on this. I'm not sure if it's an "Evony" issue but it hasn't worked for me in near weeks..

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    Default Rings STILL Broken

    Okay, how many days does it take to fix this glitch? You want money on this promotion? Then fix the stuff that's obviously broken.

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    Long time NA1 player here and i loved the merge,think it went great even though it was released early. all in all an fun day and finaly an game im willing to spend some coins in again. Happy with the 50% now to and if the new replacement heroes could get in place,so i can level them up during free food i would be super happy :-D . I admitt i wasnt always an happy customer at all and at times i was sure to quit,but this new killing field seems super. fix this last thing and i wont complaint at all lol.
    Happy merger all and happy battles :-D

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    I seem to remember the merger blurb saying that Evony were listening to their players. Well they may have listened but they don't seem to have acted on what they heard. Server opened nearly 2 hours early, all buffs disappeared, HH replacement Rings don't work ... and then HHs being captured but not appearing in the feasting halls, the whole world being filled with dead accts and lots of alts - another piece of fantasy by evony saying they would remove them. I sometimes wonder why we still play with such bad customer service and all the unkept promises ...

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    Are you even reading this anymore Dawnseeker?

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    would be nice to get these new heros from the rings.....


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