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Thread: Cc2 na1-3 fight for number 1

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    Yeah these rings not working is a complete joke . I lost 23 hhs because of this merger . And now i have 23 useless rings in my inventory that were supposed to replace my hhs . Instead you cant do anything with them and will likely just sit in my items because evony won't fix their mistake .

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    Well I clicked 7 of these packets.. So they better be replaced.. I made a complaint and of course automated bs.

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    Yeah I put one in as well and got an automated response about there being an extra icon beside the avatar. It's pretty obvious whoever responded didn't even take the time to read the ticket because I specifically said it was MISSING, lol.

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    of course it is "YOUR" fault not evony.... Well to bad evonyurl will not take these new reports because there was a epic report today. CrazyAJ(Crazies) lost 98m scouts, 100m warriors, 4.87m pikes, 8.9m swords, 25m archers 6.3m cavs 2m balls 250k rams and 303k pults to Jessie99(matrix) in a uprising battle. Jessie lost 27.5m warriors 2.9m pikes 3.2m archers 100k cavs 250k cataphractss

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    Ouch!! That ones gotta hurt!

    Also rings are still not bloody working!! I've had multiple members send in tickets each with different responses. I've had members send in screenshots of what needs to be linked on our server with bogus replies each time and some what funny ones with nothing to do with the problem at hand.

    Come on and fix the damn thing already that way you won't need to send random template responses to all the helpspot tickets that people are sending in and have a somewhat happy server here at CC2. Heck I would have bought some cents on this promotion for a few re-rolls.. not now.

    ~Oh and if you really want to get that report saved. Fill out a bug report on evonyurl.. the owner is rather quick to patch up any errors on the site and its a simple addition for the site to allow our new server to store reports on the site.
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    Muck and I (we were later joined by Morie) ported on Beijing today . I've heard rumors of how terrible TRINITY alliance is but today i got to experience it first hand . There was absolutely no defending even attempted on the 16 . It was 100% wiped in no time . They tried to close gates on us and hide so we had to break the gates . Then the hero capping started . after the 16 was entirely cleared and i was exchanging Mails with the owner after the first Speech text was used . He flat out told me he has over 350 of them and will continue using them as long as evony allows him to play that way . Pretty sad you can hold a state capital with no skills or troops . . there was little in the way of counter porters from TRINITY either. they apparently are going to rely on filling flats and speech texting instead of fighting in this so called war game . Speaking of flat filling . I noticed MackJack has his almost filled to matrix standards now . about another ten miles of coverage and he should be good , he's only at 40 miles now . Anyway here's some reports . hope these work .

    Opening E&E :

    War Reports : cleared

    A Few Defence Reports :

    Oh well was fun killing all his troops . Hopefully he builds up again quickly because i will be back to do it again before long . Too bad evony doesn't fix the whole speech text thing because that capital should be flying a khans flag now .
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    Trinity fits right in with the lamers on NA1. Funny how them in common find each other, and group up.

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    Default shawnes just asked mia to marry him

    Still no hero's *cough* charge back *cough* jk
    but seriously evony sort it out I gave up 22 HHs and for what????I even ported on a TRINITY 16 and wiped it with shawne in my frustrated state (easy wipe tbh)

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    The rings are fixed now


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