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Thread: Time To End Governor Powers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ken76903 View Post
    Or better still, just sell the position of gov to the highest bidder.
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    Think it's time to raise this from the dead once more. All these voting accounts are getting crazy. Either abolish gov or, as a better simpler idea, change the voting prestige limit to 1 million. That way people cant just create the accounts so easily - they still can but it's a lot more work...

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    voting races can get up to 24k votes and its neck and neck on some servers I've seen

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    Well the issue I have with the users having 3k plus voting accounts is that for some reason Evony is more generous with new users when it comes to the 1k cents. So those with 3k plus voting alts usually get the free 1k cents on those accounts. Can you imagine how many strats they can buy to use them to advanced their main accounts? So if Evony is not going to do anything about Voting Alts, at least they should fix the wheel to remove the preferential treatment new accounts get over the 1k in cents. I think it is an unfair advantage... I hope not to be insulted with the old "The wheel gifts are random" ( 4 out of five times, 1k cents are awarded, it will be to new accounts).

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    The Gov vote was out of control on CA2 as well. Over 40,000 votes cast per week. It was becoming pointless and a distraction. We were forced to reach an agreement to eliminate the position from the server. The major alliances agreed to vote for a banned acct as Gov. Once elected, no side will have the Gov abilities. It's sad that it came to that. Would have preferred if Evony simply raise the Prestige minimum to vote (eliminating voting alts), but it was the only effective option. Try it on your servers.
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    In CA1 one person has well over 4000 voting alts. This needs to be stopped now, its gone way beyond ridiculous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silenzze View Post
    In CA1 one person has well over 4000 voting alts. This needs to be stopped now, its gone way beyond ridiculous.
    then why don't you stop botting and drafting your alts RAUL aka DJripper on CA1. If evony would investigate into your alts they will see they will have to boot 40% of all acc's on server


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