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Thread: Woah, where is everyone?

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    Saw a thread on my server closed for "Please don't make thread to call out or target other players. Thanks!" by Dawnseeker this past January I think it was. I mean wat. I remember trash talking on here was the norm, and I've even been the target of it. Such nonsense, no wonder most people don't even bother coming here anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by cushseth View Post
    How dare you say something that makes sense on these forums. Bad girl, Bad!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssfgrgawer View Post
    I think my "peak" would have been just after i joined the forums (tho i was lurking for ages prior to joining up) and i never came to any section apart from the servers section. (Namely Server 6 threads)

    we had quite a few posts in our prime, Made waiting on farming waves returning bearable, Its a shame to see the forums have fallen so far, but I spose 5 years is a long time.
    I hear you, ssf...

    I think I've barely made 100 posts on my own in the last two years -- compared to the 7500+ others in the years before that. Very sad, indeed.


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