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Thread: Help Im stuck

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    Wow really, this is all my fault? The troops on all my cities are stuck. My Troop queues are stuck and I seem to be the only one on the server. All my fault aye? The all powerful FLAMEWORK of 183 lol!

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    we have been stuck almost 4 months.. so may have to get used to it on your server too.. and you can tell your friends goodbye like I have had to.. reset start for me in two weeks when my holiday is up

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    still stuck.... hello.. anyone home???

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    For the first time in about 9 months we didn't have stuck troops for about 5 days.. now its as bad as it ever was... seems like when a promotion to encourage spending it works then when over .. everything sticks again.. coincidence maybe..

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    Stuck non stop since march except for a few days.. just when you think it can't get worse.. it does..

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    once again troops are sticking for hours on age 1 ss50 for a few weeks it was just seconds now hours again.......

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    Logged on for some attacking and my first 4 attacks stuck. This is so exciting.

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    Evony obviously doesn't care.. its been months and not fixed. Don't know many who even care anymore cause you cant fight, feed your troops etc. If hit you cant fight back because cant build walls etc, can't truce, can't holiday or anything.. games broke and not going to be fixed any time soon.. found a few other new games to play.


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