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Thread: Intell CD

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    the post is not that CD is an issue, just that there is no way to prevent a hero from getting capped, and being CD requires big hero's to kill it regardless if you hit from 1 city or 40 and from 1 account or 20. I don't believe anyone is worried that CD/INT def exist's just that it would be nice if attackers had a chance at keeping the big hero's around a bit longer! yes spamming a cith with filler waves help's, but it is not full proof because it appears to be completely random which hero's get capped and which don't. i have had all 10 filler waves return and lose a 1k 1 second later.

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    I like this idea. but when someone is attacking with level 1000 heroes you will be killing 1.2.....1.8.. hell even 2m archers a hit... i am a CD noob . that's not fair. lol

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    no offence maybe you need to just get good at attacking so it doesnt take you 8 hours


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