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Thread: Na 55 Hist0ric recruiting experience players only!

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    Exclamation Na 55 Hist0ric recruiting experience players only!

    NA 55 314 NEW NAME! WE ARE NOW RECRUITING! 55 is not that far away and I want to create an all experienced alliance only...
    First I will tell you the requirements for the first week.
    If the alliance goes well i will coin up to $1,000. Or more...

    The requirements are not fully here i will announce the pos on fb... If you are a coiner then you are fully welcome and if you are a heavy coiner you might get a good pos... if you don't have fb linked or coin at least $30 please don't ask.... This will be for pros only!!! If you have not played evony at all you will be moved to our trainy alliance! <<< might not have a trainy alliance...
    I hosted 300700 and merged with x i know what we were missing we were missing the potential we were not going fast enough... this time we will we will take 12's in only 3 weeks in the server and then attack 300,700 in 4 weeks! if you will not have at least 700kwarriors 100karchers then dont join... if you have lower than that than you will be moved to Hero our trainy alliance.. we will have an alt the name is not yet figured out...

    If you are a heavy coiner please add me and we will dominate the server! this will be during summertime so no college will be in the way!

    To contact me please add me on fb
    I will make a alliance group and will invite you if you add me if you cannot add me please private message me over bbs.evony i will reply within a day or two
    remember these requirments are low i know but as the whole alliance reaches them we will be rank 1! and Lombardy will be secured happy hunting!

    ^^^^^^^^^ we already have Spongebob,MK,EJ, And Starbucks joining!
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