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Thread: Cities Glitching

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    A member in my alliance is having the same problem on NA54

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    I keep hearing about patches and fixes that have been implemented for this and the troop glitch but I'd like to see them in the patch notes section of forums. It'd make me feel a lot better about going to a new server. I don't think the patch notes have been updated in a long while.

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    Yeah... last time it was updated was over a year ago and I know there's been patches done since... It would be nice if they at least attempted to keep us up to date on the changes and updates they make to the game. I mean we do pay their salaries....

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    2nd silver city became ghosts after maint, i think evony want you to play in peace and not port anywhere cuz if you do they'll punish you and make your city a ghost city
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    yea not cool 2nd time cities being moved right next to the enemy after using advance teleporters to get to where you are and have to resort to using random when you shouldn't be where you are in first place :/


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