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That person must have been very lucky or you just made that story up. Apparently they flew under the radar and was allowed to grow.
acctually on really old servers, Most really small players are ignored as alts, so no one hits them unless they have a LOT of res. I aint gonna waste the food to move close to a city with 100m food and less then 100m each res.

Ive snobbed citys with 15 bill gold before, Cause its just not worth the effort now days. I normally don't even scout twice for less then 5 bill food or 1 bill each res.

It would technically be easyer to start on a older server, Since anyone can handoff a instant warr+ hero as soon as you can pursaude, ANd some might even have them not leveled, Since some keep them to pass to hitter accs for minimal medals.

The HARdEST part about starting on old servers, is convincing the old war vets that you arnt acctually a spy for one of there long time reds. If you can manage that, you can build much faster on a old server thne a new (even if olny cause you can sell 10m lumber for like 250 mill gold on most old servers, and buy upwards of 60m stone for it. (market dependant)