TY Evony

you have again shown us that you do not care that some player cheats
as long as this players pay a lot.

I now have use 3 days where i have been written to you about this players using a army glichs
and put evidence up on this but you do not care as long as your get your money.

this player has obviously been out on many server and said that he has a glichs he will sell.
and i show you reporter from his cities
where he has a army no one can have without having cheated
but this is you do not care about as long you getting your money.

then again many thanks from a player who has spent much time in a game he love
but which have been impossible for me to continue to play
without me haveing too begin a use that glich and I will not
so hope when you the look back at this game you will realize that you should have stopped those who used this glichs

with friendly greeting Host on 52 and 47