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Thread: Little Bit Of Fun On 184.

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    Default Little Bit Of Fun On 184.

    [CENTER]- So I thought I might get back into making these things because it was fun pi$$ing you guys off hehehe. Anyways, Ive been on 184 for about 1-2 weeks and CLOWNS And there Mass family thought it would be fun to dec on the D155Y Group. Guess Not

    Found these guys in a huddle so thought id see what I can do


    TARGET 1:

    Scout rep-

    First Wave At Walls-
    Second Wave At Walls-

    Clearing Wave-

    TARGET 2:

    Scout Rep-

    Wall Smack 1-
    Wall Smack 2-

    Clearing Wave-

    - By This Time There Alliance Had Just Got Together And Realised 2 Members Where Under Attack So They Sent There Big Mum To Protect Them:
    Mass Scout Bombs, Lost Around A Good 500k + Scouts:

    Birdy Starts Sending Some Rainbows:

    Overall He Lost Around 1-2 Millions Troops, So I'm Just Gonna Sit Tight. Yawn... Early Night Maybe
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