I try hard to not complain about game play. I know that bugs can come up and create problems so try not to make issue out of stuff that is usually corrected in time. Problem is though that this is supposed to be a war game. How can it be a war game if the colonization aspects of the game play don't work? It hasn't worked for serveral weeks. I keep getting explanations that its just game glitchs from alliance members. OK its glitchs. When is Evony going to look into fixing them. Every since we went to the merged server we have been having constant problems. It would really help if your programmming teams would look into this. I know that from the amount of packages I recieve that players are still spending money on this server. It's not like the server is dead and not producing income for you. Please look into the problems we are having on this server and let us know what you are attempting to do to correct them.