About me

Im an English student, currently studying at college, I am an experianced evony veteran who has been playing on and off for just under 5 years on na13 which has now merged into CC4. Understandably new servers are becoming less and less popular so i've decided to bring to Na55 an experianced coining team to try and spice things up a notch, although we have so far had a lot of interest i would also like to give you guys the oppurtunity to join us. I myself shall be coining $800+ in the first week and my co-leader shall be coining well over $1000.

As a team we are really against spying and for that reason we will have very high requirements regarding coining and troop and city targets and i am well aware that the modern day player relies on bots so for that reason we are going to be called 123 to prevent Ghosting.

123 War Alliance

For starters we shall be located in Bohemia and because we are going to be a rather large group possibly we will expand into the neighbouring states however Moscow shall be our first priority we shall run a relatively strict regime here in 123 and inactivity will not be accepted and neither will bad language towards other members or insufficient troop counts.

By the end of the first day we expect all members to have 2 cities
By the end of the fourth day we expect most members to have 4 cities
By the end of the first week we expect most members to be pushing about 100k archers, 300k warriors and layers of course
By the end of the second week we expect most members to have around 250k archers and 750k warriors and 30k ballies and some layers
By the 30th day we expect most members to have a 9* set around 800k archers, 100k ballies and 2mil warriors and some layers

If you are interested in joining us we shall only be accepting players day 1/2 of the server to prevent spies and alliance hoppers so fill in this form and ill contact you via facebook!

I look forward to your responses, any questions don't be afraid to ask, im open to criticism but no haters please, hope you like the thread and i look forward to fighting alongside you chosen few! Coining is pretty much essential in some way, shape or form and remember we are a war alliance so please do not waste our time if you have no intentions of helping in wars and working as a team, we are also looking for players to fill some of the other vacant positions.