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Thread: World Cup Brasil

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    Default World Cup Brasil

    Who's watching World Cup? What do you think about games so far?

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    This thread is barren. I am disappointed.
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    I hope Siphon doesnt post

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    I am. Brazil looks weak, Germany and Holland and Argentina look good, Spain horrible, England, typical, Italy, good. The US, ok so far. What about you?

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    I'm loving it, and a couple of my friends are watching.

    Personally, i'd love to see Germany take it all, I think they're a shoe in for third, but I wouldn't mind seeing a Brasil v Germany final. I'm not quite sure the brackets would let that happen though.

    I'm liking the US start too, with how Portugal played, the US should be in a good spot as long as they can deal with playing against a bunch of dirty players.

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    Brasil is not that great, but Scolari's only interested in result. I believe they are still among the strongest contenders.
    Holland was awesome against Spain, but not that good vs Australia. If Australia beats Spain they could go through
    Germany is strong as always, though they had some help from referee first game. Overall, they'll be the one to beat.
    Argentina, well, they can go far if their best players are on a high level. But Messi never plays well on big championships. Hopefully that changes.
    England and Italy, they are always the contenders, even though England failed miserably the first game. But I wouldn't count them off just yet.
    I believe there are some other good teams, like Russia, Chile, Mexico, Ivory Coast, South Korea... Bet one of them will be a surprise.

    All in all, not the best football/soccer I've seen, but plenty of goals so far and I hope it continues

    EDIT: I forgot bout US, they had a great first game, but they lack terribly in stamina, two of their players had the same muscle injury last game due to not being prepared for the game well.
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    when spain comes to the world cup.

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    This little pony just remortgaged for more war ports.

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    when spain comes to the world cup.

    lol i can't stop laughing.

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    I have a feeling the Dutch will take it all.

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    FIFA has decided not to suspend Luis Suarez. That being said, they are still implementing something.

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    I hope Siphon doesnt post

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    I believe FIFA are used to Suarez biting other players by now lol.

    My favorites would too be Dutch. Either them or Costa Rica


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