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    ive got a suggestion that would hopefully greatly reduce the number of noob/filler accounts being made, and thats to remove the whole "Begginer Protection" thing in its entierty (for older servers mainly) Its too easy to take advantage of and is costing Evony money they could be making..... if theres anything worse than your NPC field being filled with noobs, its those noobs suddenly being replaced with an enemies war city out of the blue. Noob accounts are free to make and actually hurt the Servers by pure mass (Hundreds of extra accounts that serve no real purpose but to fill space). Removing begginner protection would not only make it so that real players who are actually playing can clean out and get rid of these noobs much faster, but also would remove their ability to hold onto flats and such for up to a week without being able to get attacked.

    Its been taken advantage of for far too long, so please do something to change it :/

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    I 100% Agree with this. some noob thought it would be funny to go back a few 100 accts and place them all in friesland. Most all at 0 prestige and they are just sat there in groups doing nudda.

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    And what if you're a "noob" that's actually trying to play the server?

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    As stated this would only count for older servers, since really we never see any actual "noobs" there (Except for the old noobs that been here all along )
    its just one of those things that was meant to be a goodf thing thats now being taken advantage and is really annoying.

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    Evony won't implement changes on a few servers only.

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    There are a surprising amount of noobs who join old servers. There used to be a couple of full alliances on na14 who were all noobs. So not really fair on them. Really don't see a huge problem about too many noob cities around anyway. This also wont stop hundreds flocking into them, and removing it really wont make players wipe them. It's only 7 days anyway! Be patient haha

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    there's lots of people who start servers late, so i'm not sure if this is such a good idea. I do think that resources should be removed from the wheel at a certain point on servers however. there isnt much use for the little amount the wheel gives. maybe the wheel should adjust according to how long the servers have been open.


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