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Thread: undraftable numbers ;(

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    Default undraftable numbers ;(

    how are evony coming along with taking away undraftable troops as its a clear glitch to the game, why would you give a HC draft powers then give others the chance to protect there troops by keeping certain numbers in a town? surley its taking away the point of being able to would be more fun if the only way to stop being drafted was to store troops in vallys etc, also people don't attack because they know there not gonna lose troops via drafts, if you were to take away the undraftable (glitch) numbers it would force people to actually go out and attack, that way they lose there troops killing res other than losing them to drafts

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    This has been talked about for many years, someone mentioned the glitch was due to the 2,147,483,647 glitch(which is the source of a few oddities), and that there is a way to calculate it down to 1 troops using it. Doubt they will change it, we rallied for it when we had the 18 and they outright said it wasn't going to change, something about upsetting player.

    A roughly list of the undraftable troops, on the web.

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    when i was playing i had long since given up trying to get though to the thicko's at evony about this, i learned to just live with it. the main problem is the sheer amount of people crying that there should be draft proof numbers, i think that these people are the same kinds of people that come up with and love to benefit from cheeting glitches, such as the recent troops glitch that i read about recently. in any case it does not seem that evony will do anything about undraftable numbers. my advice to you is to get yourself a nice excel spreadsheet that gives you the draftable/undraftable ranges. the link in the post above is not too bad, not 100% accurate, but the numbers are low for the size of armies being thrown around these days.


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    They did fix the troop glitch quickly enough, who knows, might just fix this glitch too one day


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