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Thread: Evony allowing Glitching of hero on ss56?

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    Default Evony allowing Glitching of hero on ss56?

    So last year sometime, a few players on ss56 ended up creating a level 50k hero, which they were able to do when they moved the hero around all their 100s of alts and use onwars to get it to a certain level like 4500 or so. The hero then glitches itself and levels up without needing any onwars. Once it get's to a certain level, it somehow produces troops when you send the hero to hit one of your city with troops. The troops produced is something crazy like 700 mil catapults which they then can dismiss to get resources. This totally killed the market and evony ended up killing the hero and forcing the guy who created the hero into holiday for like 3 weeks. He eventually got his account back and his hero back at much lower level. Evony couldn't though contain the damage done by creating this hero. The players took advantage of the glitch for almost 2 or 3 days before evony was able to stop it. In the meantime, resources were moved to alts and to noobs accounts and there was no way for evony to do anything about that, so the market was flooded with the resources. Lumber, iron, food and stone all went down to like .30. Most of the people who used the glitched ended up keeping the troops and didn't really get in trouble.

    So 7 months afterwards, another player tried to create a big hero but people complained early and evony caught it in time and his hero got reduced to a much lower level and he couldn't do any of the glitch.

    Fast Forward to today. The same person who did the first glitch just created another glitched hero. Most of the main accounts in his alliance are now in a dreamtruce so that people can't scout and see what they are doing. They are using the valleys to hit during truce so they can get resources and troops. The hero of course cannot be hidden since it now well over 100k and growing. They are using the glitch and then moving resources into alts so that evony can't track them.

    So my question on all of this is a simple one. Why hasn't this been patched? They are using a throw away account so even if the account and hero gets ban, they will have quadrillion resources and billions of troops in their mains and in their alts. People have created many tickets but the point is that this shouldn't have even been possible since evony knew about the first one. They could have put a level cap on the hero when it first happened but they did nothing. The hero hasn't stopped growing and here is what it's at now and by the time evony does something about it, will be too late unless they roll back the server.
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    That Glitch Hero is at lvl 146557 w/attack 178380

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    "server needs to be ROLLED BACK to 1800 server time of 7/26/2014 and they need to be banned from playing..."agree

    agree very much and while on it plz bann those who helped to make the first hero in first place too. lots of this complainers made the first hero and while it was on their side it was totally fine but now that is made by the red side is unforgivable... TFF

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    And don't forget their whole team porting on the hero to try and glitch troops from it

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    Quote Originally Posted by queste View Post
    And don't forget their whole team porting on the hero to try and glitch troops from it
    Some ported to try to get proof to turn in to Evony.... not for any other reason... where you get that the "whole team" did ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenBtch View Post
    Some ported to try to get proof to turn in to Evony.... not for any other reason... where you get that the "whole team" did ??
    yes we all know the closer u get in there the better view in stats u get right?

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    ***gets popcorn*** it's an interesting little side point here...everyone complaining about this hero benefitted from the first one.
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    lol this is funny *steals toilys popcorn* I want no-one on this page to mention shass's attempts at creating a hero either *cough snidely*

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    This morning, the stats show the current level of that hero as 170,640. Looking at the damage to the server that the last glitched hero created last year, nothing short of a server rollback will save the server this time. Banning that one account will not stop the players involved in the making and using of this hero. As was stated, it's a "throw away" account" that was resurrected for the purpose of making this hero. A review of the server backups kept by evony, should show transactions such as hero transfers and resource/troop transferring that would indicate who was involved in making and use of the hero. Those accounts involved should be perma-banned, as it seems they never learned from example, the last time a super hero was made and accounts temporarily banned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jillianne View Post
    as it seems they never learned from example
    Exactly who didn't learn?? A friend of mine from another server made the perfect statement on skype:
    If it wasn't fixed it isn't a glitch but a feature and therefore part of the game.


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