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Thread: Absolute best way to train atk hero fast!

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    The absolute best you can hope for is 4:00 per attack (2:00 per mile for archers), and you can have at most 4 of those around a city. So, you need 4 cities with 4 adjacent level 10 npc, of which you will be able to hit 14 level 10s tops per hour (unless you can turn your hero around in less than 2 seconds and your 4 cities are right next to each other, then if you lose no time between hits, God might be able to hit 15...)

    To get from level 170 to level 400 requires 1,963,015,500 total experience. If we take 1,845,000 for an average (albeit a slightly high average) per hit on a lvl 10 npc, simple division tells us that we need to hit 1,064 npcs to make the required amount of experience.

    1,064 @ 14 per hour means you need 76 hours to get there, so there it is: Start now and in just over 3 days you will have a level 400 hero....

    It really gets to be fun when you start needing 40 (level 859) or 50 (level 960) npcs per level...

    *note 15/hr is a physical impossibility due to the fact that you need more than a single city to hit from
    You forget the regen tick doesnt start when you start, taking that into account 16 an hour is not hard to pull off. 5 seconds between hits adds an extra minute and another minute for hero travel gives us 66 minutes, which will ALWAYS land you on the right side of the regen tick. Meaning you wont be hitting 360k war npc, which would be a common occurance if you tried to use the same 14 npcs. (Unless you have a minute march between cities for some reason)

    Yes.. 66 minutes is more than an hour.. but unless you sync your hits with the games tick, its the only real way to describe it. Call it 15 if you want, in my mind they both would be technically correct.. as long as your using 16 seperate npcs.
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    cush has a point... and he is right

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    No matter how you slice it, it takes 4:00 for archers to travel 1 mile and back. 4:00 * 15 is, was, and ever shall be 60:00, and since you have to move after 4 hits (and 8, and again after 11) lvl10map.jpg the best you could hope for on a continuous basis is 14. This is still not taking into account the fact that you cannot have the rally open when the hero returns because he will not be in the list. So you can't open the rally until AFTER the hero gets back, and then, when you do, ofc, the spinners all read 0....

    Unfortunately my setup is far from optimal, but i do have 4 cities each with 4 adjacent 10's, which makes the regen irrelevant, but stretches the run between cities..... 14 is tight, but doable. 15, not gonna happen.
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