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    I recently started on na55. I have been trying to medal farm honor medals for 4 days solid and only won 1 medal, I hear shouts from my alliance members that they are experiencing the same problem, the drop rate from lower NPC has suddenly STOPPED. 'Lets try colonizing a few people the will help with the drop rate' I hear them cry, only the thing is, LOOK at the map...yup there are NO people to colonize for miles and miles! WTF is going on here? how can this server be so empty? Evony have you stopped people actually joining our server? Did they all quit on mass? what happened? and ffs fix that drop rate or your going to loose the rest of the few people on that server. Please do something now before the server is unplayable.
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    What about Lord qwmnhh2009? Is he still there at least?
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    I hope Siphon doesnt post

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    Mhmm, na55 is the lowest populated new server in evony history for age 2. A LOT was going to join na55, but after evony having such problems the day before, day of, and night of the two server opens, alot joined not to join. I was mad myself because by time I got on, i should have been 25k prestige or more. So, that being said, alot didn't join. Look at 0,0 ffs lmfao. It's usually clustered but now, only few cities. This will be a fun server, alot of coiners but now us small players have a chance to prove what we got.

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    evony continues to bleed players, anyone whose played the game for a bit knows the numerous reasons, I still enjoy and play the game (na55 atm) but, please fix the lag or I may be just another one gone

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    When is na46 going to get a merge?

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    why is na55 down dave mata?


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