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Thread: Attacking a player owned valley

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    Default Attacking a player owned valley

    Hey all,

    A long time since I've played but I would like to know the best way for going about attacking a player owned valley that's protected by archers and a rainbow (if that's still the term)

    I've been playing this server for 3-4 days now and while I'm still under bp I've gotten into a quarrel over a forrest right next to me.

    This is what the scout report said:

    I can also assume I have vastly inferrior tech to him seeing as he's 100k prestige while I'm a mere 40k prestige but when I play around on evocalc changing the archery level doesn't really affect the outcome all too much.

    I will have 3k archers within the next 4 hours and I can build more, but if calvary is the optimal way to deal with this I would be more than happy to build those instead.

    Any feedback is appreciated, thanks!

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    Increase your info and beacon tower. No real answer can be given other than: attacking with archer will cause a tradefire rendering his layers useless.

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    I use 1 scout to attack a valley most of the time that player is not defending it if he's owned it for a while. Even if he's defending it now then you just lose 1 scout.

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    But most big players just call the troops back!

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    Other then the scout idea you would need to scout the valley and see how many troops he's got and send a attack!


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