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Thread: The Battle For SS38 - Hubbreaking on a major scale.

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    A Little Update

    Well it looks like We have gotten there attention now. under the constant barrage of attacks, City loss and constant blinky bird, Several of Crucifix's high command have simply given up, Pier117, Spongebob (who renamed his account and left hub completely), Dayenna, Tusc, Zenobios, Kaylas, xDREXELx, FallnSkies, Zenobia, Chantelle, Mighty have all left CRUCIFIX and Moved to alliance 411, and thats just in the top 20 pages of statistics alone.

    Seems they simply cant handle the pressure of the last bastion of Crucifix being torn apart, city by city. NO longer is the hubs that have haunted late game since there introduction years ago feared. They are now Falling as soon as they run out of coins, truces and speech texts.

    We have stepped up the war, Will the newly formed 411 be any different? will they Leave holiday and try to move some citys? can anyone stop the Hubsmashing?

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    [Blackhands]: There has been a major gas leak in Carinthia, the luckiest victims are experiencing slight claustrophobia and a feeling of overcrowding, while the worst effected are said to be dying in their droves, and ascending to ASGARD via Hellgate.

    I have no reason for posting just wanted to represent ASGARD and publicly apologise for k0zee ranting in WC for hours at a time but no matter how hard we try to stop him we just can't

    Enjoy your hubsmashing!!!!


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