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    Lets face it a lot of players need to have their accounts smashed. The only thing thats left are whiners. You hit them you get death threats i wish your so and so catches cancer type statements. If you make a stupid statement like that odds are thats why you are getting camped out. At that pointmorales come into play and im just going to have to hit you until you a apologize or be quit. There aren't that many good sports left just look at the forums when the game drops. Whining about cash spent etc etc. if your Getting camped out you have a field you cant protect or an ungodly amount of resources

    Most of the flaming comes after a heavy coiner with tons of feeders doorsteps a player that's a fraction of their size.

    I mean, your post may have been true 4 years ago but now it's mostly people collecting troops and smashing people a fraction of their size (while avoiding anyone their size or bigger like the plague) that incites the personal attacks. When a small guy has nothing to fight the much larger guy off with the only weapon they have is their words.
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