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    Ok so theres been a little war going on between 8080808 bagpipes and havok. Bagpipes and havok have decided to team up against us since we have been bullying the entire server since the start. So wwallace decided he wanted to hit one of my little friends so i decided i would port in and make him pay. To my surprise he had over 100mil troops(80mil scouts 20mil arch 500k of each mech) so i ported in and start to descout. He was online and slapped me with a mech and i dropped mech d and ate both mechs with towers. So after the 20mil honor he gave me i had two friends port in we all started descouting and sending mechs and within minutes he was in truce. He started to whine about how i wouldn't 1v1 how tagteaming was cheap and how my reputation was tarnished for having to jump him. So i challenged his alliance to a fight. Me vs whoever they wanted to send in to fight me. I'm 420mil prestige because i decided i wanted to set a 1bil prestige goal before this war broke out and my boredom had been broken so that means no reinforcements from anyone. -intial scout report on my warcity. -drops some honor on me -towers eating everything up -towers still eating things -tradefire catches archers -scout bombs -more tower hits -heavier mech tower hits -tradefire mixed in with heavier mech -mech finding those towers again -last tower down - big mech takes out towers and gets a few archers -one hits home finally - x3 to the same effect - catches archers again
    So after a game of cat and mouse with some mechs hitting towers and some mechs hitting archers i let him know hes going to run out of mechs long before i run out of archers. The reinforcements have arrive Bwright has joined the battle by then i have moved my scouts out for safe keeping in a city i have floating about 10miles out since the whole alliance was scouting. And now its a 3 on 1 we have a party going. bwright and wallace come out bombing
    The heros are getting capped left and right. they are reduced to bombing with level 10 heros - bwright sends a couple of these untimed towers eat all four of em up but starts to deplete layers a bit lands one in with no towers up gets a few archers sending more archers to die in the land of towers - mech hits towers - mech into towers get a few archers to -tradefire catches archers - another mech hit on towers - x3
    So by now your thinking wow they have wasted an ungodly amount of mech archers and scouts to beat down a few mil archers but apparently they aren't thinking the same thing more tower hits with arch x3 untimed naked mechs into towers but it seems they are learning as this fights go along naked mechs kill a lot of archers A new challenger has arrived dealtime so now its official 4on1 things are starting to heat up bwright dealtime wwallace greywolf all in on the fight - so they send 20 naked mechs timed to the second i figured its time to stop playing around before my archers get annihiled i close on the set and let their mechs walk back while i set up my defense. So while setting up my defense i slip up - first hit that actually stung after hrs of being hit looks like someone with half a brain joined in the naked mechs are raining while i scramble my archers and mechs to set up defense im finally set up in my defense and now its time to see what they are really made of x210 yes he literally bombed my rams two hundred and ten times before realizing he was hitting rams. things are going down hill in a very quick fashion defense is holding up nicely realize i have to many rams in my city so i send some archers in while i start to float some rams out small hit on the rams that are in the city - even smaller ram hit not sure if those were to get my traps but they defenitely werent effective bigger ram hit excess rams are now dead and now mechs are hit nothing they think its open season on my mechs but not so fast the rams are back x60 i close on the next set because im marching some pults and ballista out and cant get rams out until those land in my city a distance away x40 open again with no walls because they are still bombing for some odd reason buffer my rams - naked mech x4 floated some archers in and floated them back out decent ram hit -mech x3 gets some arch x4 just remembered i had 30mil scouts in my float city and start using em tradefire gets nothing i move scouts out and guess what rams are back scout bomb gets my pults followed by a buncha these mech x9 lag something fierce and cant get all rams out in time x 3 =/ i pack in more rams and the mass bombing begins agaiin lags awful now so i choose to throw in some archers rather then letting my rams get mechd down more mechs
    they sent in one last set and realize even with the four of them hitting from 6 cities at 1 mile they aren't going to beat me. I ended up losing a fair bit of troops 6mil archers 700k rams 200k pults
    their warcities have gone from 2-4mil mech apiece down to down to 600k apiece. My total honor was 615mil 68 amulets and 42 city ports. I told them i don't want to hear anything about getting jumped and i haven't seen them running their mouths since they lost to me. So i served my purpose make them waste an enermous amount of troops and make em look bad while doing it During this fight the entire alliance was scout bombing me to show them up wiith all of the server watching made it worth the troop loss. My defense wasn't perfect but i know a lot of people who would have truced or lost in the situation -Flawed/Snorlax Host of 8080808

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    Firstly Solid defence, at first i thought it was gonna be sitting in Int CD letting them eat archers for mechs, But you changed it up which i can respect and 4 on one is never easy, unless attackers are total potatoes.

    On a non battle related point, I suggest some formatting in your future posts, Billions of battle reports right below each other gets really confusing which ones ive opened already and which ones i haven't.

    personally I like to show hits in the sets as they come, Since that helps break up the wall of text, and its easy to open 5-10 reports at once, but opening 100 gets a little difficult.

    You did give good info on each hit since we all know waves never come in singulars, A little bit of formatting and you would have made the thread much more readable.

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    Yea i was just trying to beat reset i noticed my hits on his warcity the day prior were gone so i rush and threw this one together

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    very nice defense, good change overs. cap any nice heroes?

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    Lmao wow there are some real shockers in there.

    Did they not time with each other or they just really stupid?

    Either way good job on the defense

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    Ah, I see you had the pleasure of fighting WWallace lol. That guy is a trip. He said the same s*** to me when we 1v1d all the way back on s157. He was always heavily loaded on troops, but never really understood how to use them. Lol. Nice defense!


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