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Thread: Guess Who's Back? 5HARK's REAL SIG SHOP

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    Talking Guess Who's Back? 5HARK's REAL SIG SHOP

    You've heard right. 5HARK is coming back to Evony Forums!

    Where was I? Why did I leave? What am I doing now?
    Honestly, I got tired of Evony. My alliance on my main account was ranked third, and the top 5 alliances on the server were in our family/coalition. I possessed 6 fully upgraded cities and 2 HCs. It just kind of got boring. So I left Evony all together to pursue my dream of becoming an online entrepreneur. Still to this day I don't know what became of my alliance mates, my cities, or my heroes. Hopefully my alliance farmed me and took all my stuff to put it to good use. As for the forums, I just scrapped the idea of my old sig shop, (where I only made 6 sigs, lol,) and left. Well, now I've started my own business, am the co-owner of a successful YouTube channel, and have started my own YouTube channel. I also do graphic design on the side or when it is required by a job for work. So I want to bring my designs here to Evony. And by the way, for those of you who were making fun of my alliance posting for VOE and saying that I never made it anywhere on na50, read above and see how I ended up.

    Now for the SIG SHOP

    If you would like a sig, you must be ranked Knight or higher on the forums. To order a sig, PM me on the forum so I can process it and get it done. In your email, please leave the following info:

    Name on Forums (Case Sensitive)
    Preferred Main Image on the Sig
    Writing to Put on the Sig (Exactly how you would like it to appear)
    Main Colors/Theme
    Any Other Notes

    Please remember that it can take me up to 3 days to process your order, so please be patient. I will try and get to as many people as possible.

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    Evony used to be life. Now it's a way to get my work out there.


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