Evony has made it to where if your account is banned, your cities can not be hit. Historical Cities can be hit and capped, and thats fine I agree with that. But they leave out one of the most IMPORTANT thing, Historical Heros. Unless they're in an HC, HH's cant be capped if banned players own them. I don't know if this has been asked before but i'll still bring it up once more. HH's are what make the game go round, followed by HC's. Sure HCs are important, but without HH's you wouldnt be able to cap them because of leadership and attack values. so why is it we can cap their HCs and not HHs? this needs to be fixed
I am mainly sayng this because its often on new servers, and i'm VERY displeased with it on Na55. Neymar, he got banned for selling. He has lots of HH's and majority of the good ones. So why should he keep his HH's when he's not only BANNED but he was SELLING? makes no sense. This is the major one, but there's other ones. smaller players who own them that are banned, we cant cap those either. This greatly affects all players because sure if they werent banned, we might not get those HH's, but we never know and we cant find out anyways so why let them keep their HH's but not HCs? its unfair! I have proof, screenshots, of a smaller player who has an HH but is banned. I would post Neymar's aswell but not many people want to waste cents on an HH they know they can't get

Can't send waves to his city: http://gyazo.com/a49a323a36f10df0554acb97dd25d85e
Proof his city isn't Truced or Holiday: http://gyazo.com/f8beeb25d2305b21206e595ad9cbe355

i know what people will say, maybe he's colonized. If that was the case it would say something about supression

Proof he owns the HH - Statistics: http://gyazo.com/914a7ba645aca19bd3631874e88c964e
Folk Hearsay - http://gyazo.com/d2a3af745d13e5e2c17c14f94e4b0855

I understand what evony tries to do, but this is unfair. At least make it to where we can only cap cities with HH's in them if the account is banned, or cap the HH on a "chance" of hit if we're victorious over there troops (but won't let us cap the city just kill off troops and cap HH's) or let us colonize it and only able to do Sow Discard. Would be nice to see this change.