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Thread: ss59 latency issues (lag) / stuck lines

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    Default ss59 latency issues (lag) / stuck lines

    stuck lines are causing people to not be able to port, truce or holiday when needed. we have all invested years of time and money into this game and it is not right to put all of it at risk and not be able to play it due to latency issues. lines are getting stuck from any where from a few min to many hours rendering the game virtually unplayable.

    a few of the scenarios that the ss59 players have experienced are

    1 - lines getting stuck when capping flats once the flat gets capped and built by another u are now attacking an npc with troops intended to cap a flat and the losses are much different also if that npc were to be war ported into that same attack would not be stuck on a player vs flat or npc putting the hero at risk.

    2 - lines getting stuck when trying to holiday creating a scenario that has caused refuge and resulting in unnecessary troop loss

    3 - lines getting stuck when attacking and losing heroes as a result of giving the defender time to better set up for the attack and empty their feasting hall to catch the hero (giving an unfair advantage)

    some questions I would like to see answered are:

    1 - if heroes are lost especially in the first scenario would the hero be replaced? as the attack would not be the intent of the player nor would be due to error on the players part but purely due to the latency issue which is out of the players control.

    2 - if refuge is caused by not being able to holiday due to stuck lines will the troops/resources be replaced as once again this would not be by fault of the player but again a situation out of the players control.

    3 - what protection/reimbursement/compensation is offered to the players who are negatively impacted by these issues?

    4 - what is being done by evony to resolve these latency issues? and when can we expect such resolution?

    a couple of temp / perm suggestions to help deal with this situation while the latency issue exists

    1- revisit the ability to holiday with attacks out just like we can holiday with attack incoming. the attack would complete and as if we were not in holiday. As for market trades and build cues they should either freeze in their current state or auto cancel. that would create a situation where if u had stuck lines it wouldn't matter.

    2 - have an option to abandon attack (this would abandon the troops out on an attack and insta recall the hero you would lose the troops in this case but not the hero) for example when u go to port a city instead of getting a message that asks you to recall all troops before porting or holiday, you get one that asks you if you would like to abandon troops. if porting this would pertain to the troops out in that one city if holiday all troops out in all cities. this would not be ideal but the troop loss would be limited to what is out. it should treat the abandon troops as if the troops were disbanded so at least some resources would be recovered.

    3- revisit the ability to truce with attacks out, there really is no disadvantage to this and doesn't create an unfair advantage.

    Please understand that ss59 needs immediate attention as this latency problem has now risen to the point that it truly is unplayable.

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    I do like some of the suggestions though. It would be great if they would read your post and consider making some of the changes for stuck troops. Seems to be major issues on every server right now. We do not even get reports on our server anymore. If you do get one you usually can't open it in the browser or evonyurl it.

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    ss59 is totally unplayable atm. I like the suggestions being made to fix the issues. We have also been discussing a server wide cease fire of all wars and not spending any more money until the lag and stuck troops issues are fixed. Please fix this before more players quit the game over this. Players threatening to quit are some of the biggest coiners on the server. Enough already. Fix this now.

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    I and many others have tried different games, there is NOTHING like evony. This is a great game apart from the issues and you have a VERY loyal customer base. Please help us keep playing by fixing these issues. I see you have started server migration and reports from these servers are VERY positive, and while i wouldn't presume to tell you how to do your job, I can't understand why your starting with newer servers and super servers. Please fix ss59 before we all leave....
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    SS73 is also experiencing these issues. I didnt want to start a new thread for the same topic, so lets hope they read this one

    Stuck troop lines, very bad lag, reports not appearing, timing is almost impossible. ss73 had major problems almost a year ago, but the past several months have been fine. But recently these issues have come up and havent gone away. Would be nice to address them, Evony

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    We on ss59 went through several months of decent game play. No stuck troops, ques, etc or extremely bad lag. Its been the last couple of months that the horrible lag and stuck waves have returned making the game unplayable as it is atm. And really its been steadily getting worse since the June 19th crash of the game when no one could log for over 12 hours. Not even a comp package for that down time either even though many players refuged that would not have happened had they been able to login and take care of their food issues. Evony just because the downtime was caused by an outside source and not directly by your own system we all feel that it is still YOUR game and YOU should have done something for your players. Remember this, some players only have a few hours a day to play and if they can not log due to the game being down it effects their account and gives them just one more reason to want to quit the game. Remember this, a HAPPY CUSTOMER REMAINS a CUSTOMER, an UNHAPPY CUSTOMER WILL EVENTUALLY QUIT. And right now you have many, many unhappy customers.
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    last night a member of our team fell asleep trying to wait up for his stuck lines to release so he could holiday his account. He got capped on and every city 0'd and 2 lost, he even lost his natural treb hero (thank goodness not his attack or intel). We had a second member refuge because the trans he sent with res to his one city got stuck outside the gates. He got many refuge reports before it finally released. It would really be nice if a moderator would respond and give us an idea if there is anything that can be done in these situations should those players (especially the first player). Is it worth either of them putting in a ticket? Sadly this is the problem with playing right now is you risk everything, when the stuck lines happen and don't release for 20+ hours not only can't you play but you cant transport res can't farm can't holiday. You basically watch your years of dedication and hard work refuge right before your eyes and some cases while you sleep It is my personal opinion that there should be some compensation as these issues are not in the player control and by design there currently is nothing that can be done prevent it.

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    **** SS59 NEEDS A FIX***** Wait , maybe not....

    So I have heard all of this talk about how bad the server has gotten and how the lag makes things difficult for players on SS59 to play the game , I have to agree with you. You know just like global warming what we do has a direct effect on earth in evony running 2k + accounts with more and more scripts.... auto noobing your own state in fear will cause SS59 to react in a manner it shouldn't as well. It is unfortunate that the game has come to this, when will it end...evony will fix the lag and you will just push it until the lag is present again. Look at it now 5 min before maint everything starts running normally. that means someone is running something, placing blame on them when you are the cause , I hope a moderator looks at this thread, I challenge him to do Deep Packet Inspection and then we will see where the lag is created .

    As for your member who got his cities capped, just hours before he was hitting , capped on a player. He should have truced, there were no stuck attacks, just resources being transfered. You left him in the cold, that was a lack of communication. Him being out of alliance and was just hitting should have been better watched after. Shannon23 I agree with you ss59 needs a fix for the problem, I just think the problem is you.

    Evony, Please fix the lag, server upgrades or whatever ... but also please look into the root of the issue, there are scripts that are being ran by shannon23 and her members that will automatically add cities without needing any player interaction and many other scripts which will allow for map monitoring, show when reds are porting into an area, and many other scrapers that will cause your servers to lag no matter what upgrades you do to them, the end result is you will never be able to fix the issue if you just feed the cause.

    Evony you can look at both parties, run visual route and deep packet inspection, get past their 500+ proxies and you will find out why you are continuing to spend money on a game that all have played for 4 years, when your business model was to churn 50 servers every 2 weeks for short gratification. The lag is being caused by Sinister, if we were playing the game clue I would say it was "Shannon" With the "Bankroll" in the "SS59" that did it to you evony. Yes she gives a lot of money, but to have to spend 50k or 100k + in infrastructure updates it doesn't add up. Once upgrades are done give it 2 months and the capacity will be reached again.

    Final call for all, we fight to the end. We are not here to take part, but to take over.

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    LMAO as evony can clearly see your knowledge of computers, servers, internet, proxies and whatever else it is that you are using now to beat the system is extensive. Lord name: norasrage hiding behind the login of tc1986 created a forum account just to point fingers at a red why am I not surprised. I'm sorry you feel the need to make accusations on a post that has nothing to do with anything other than the latency issues that our server is experiencing. Your black box / server / additional ips you purchased (probably from the cable/internet provider you work for) to avoid detection has nothing to do with it. Oh and we cannot forget all the virtual machines you have set up. Nope that has nothing to do with causing the lag. Heck you even have some with ip hiders to start tons of beginner accounts so u can move freely around the map instead of purchasing war ports / advance ports to be able to move about.

    Do u still have your youtube videos out there to show everyone how to beat the evony system and all about your servers? It would do you well to remember we were blue for a lot of years and your ego would not allow you not to brag and show off every chance you got about your computer/internet/hacking knowledge, your servers (which you were charging people to use), the additional equipment you have, the different bots you use, the noob room you created with access to 3 different boxes for people to help bp and the youtube videos you authored. Funny the way you used to complain that SiniSteR didn't pull their own weight in creating BPs or take advantage of the boxes you created. I find it funny that now its SiniSteR you point the finger at, sadly we aren't as tech savvy as you. I am not saying there aren't cheaters in the game there are plenty no one is stupid enough to think there isn't and most likely there will always be. I try not to make assumptions and point fingers without knowledge or proof. However, you do not hide your cheating you brag about it and the fact that you are so untouchable that you are the ONLY person that has never been banned. Yes there will always be cheaters but none that i know of that go to the lengths that you do.

    Yes i coin and yes i coin a lot as does the alliance i play in, but the amount of money that is spent by our alliance isn't the issue here. Nor is the issue the lack of coining your alliance does or the cheats / exploits they use to avoid coining. It cost money to run these servers and that money comes from coiners not just in SiniSteR but on every server if the coiners stop coining there is no game.

    As far as the player who was attacked out of alliance, he was out of alliance to pass a city to a new player that just came back to the game and give him some resources to get started again (oh and he is a coiner too hasnt been back long and has already spent in the thousands). So he wasn't left in the cold he was going into holiday and fell asleep waiting for the lines to become unstuck (btw the lines had been stuck for many many hours it hadn't just happened). The whole pupose to my question was becasue had there been no stuck lines he would have been in holiday and it is my opinion that evony should have some responiblity in that. It may not be possible to do anything about it, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Just because you capitalized on an unfortunate situation caused by latency issues doesn't mean it should have happened or that anyone is trying to take anything away from you or your team. Had this happened to one of your players I would like to think you would pose the same questions as I did to evony. This particular player is in and out of holiday constantly as it is his habit to do so especially when out of alliance and he is not able to be on to defend. His pattern of behavior that shows him in and out of holiday over several days to get through his 24 hour cool down. However, it wouldn't matter to me what the circumstance are I do not feel that any player should be penalized for something totally out of their control, again my opinion. Preserving the integrity of the game, to me supersedes red and blue, but then again I actually care for the players and how the latency issues are effecting them.
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    Please Disregard her post evony.... her cited reasons (Reason: typos) their server upgrades will not fix your issue shannon.

    PLEASE FIX THE LAG EVONY--- and then again in 2 months fix it again. shannon at the end of the day, my players wouldnt have been left out. My players wouldnt be trying to pass cities off to their alts like you do.

    If you dont get help at charter shannon, please get help somewhere

    I love you all, hopfully we get this fixed, my prayers go out to you shannon, needing an ADA accessable house for teh little daveyboy cannot be easy, maybe need to focus more attention on that.

    Once again evony please fix this quickly shes begging you

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