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Thread: Restarting - WHY WON't YOU LET ME QUIT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wherewolf View Post

    Either way thx Evony for making it clear you only value players with high prestige ... does that mean anyone below 550m is a waste of space? Hey cush ... assuming u play betting your below 550m.
    Again you seem to miss the point, no where in Evony's response did they say you have X amount of prest so you can't reset. In fact they confirmed exactly what Cush said all along- Evony does not want to have to deal with the headache of players coming back at a later date and saying their stuff got reset and they have no idea how and to restore their account. the best way to prevent that type of event from happening is to remove the reset option all together.

    You seem to have a bit of the "poor me" going on right now.

    Evony has better things to do than put time and effort into a player that is going to quit anyways, so be happy you got a response and instead of crying about it follow the instructions they gave you and tell them why you want to reset and i am sure they will let you do it.

    may want to ask for your forum login to get reset while your at it

    Happy Hunting!

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    hey cush learn to read, said a friend lol, fact someone thinks prestige had anything to do with the game is sad. Fact that someone whose supposed to have quit years ago still clings to it is sadder.

    My group reset several 100 accounts, guys should be thanking us instead of continuing the multi accounting and botting culture we are removing accounts from the server and reducing the resources Evony needs to use to run it.
    Fact that when we started one of my friends reset her 900 mil prestige account no probs, less than 24 hours later Evonys stepped in and is preventing us resetting.

    But here's the funny thing a 500 mil prestige account can reset a 580 mil prestige account can't, course the 580 mil is a coiner.

    And Evony says they are stopping us because we may change our minds and what our accounts back!

    So why is a 100 mil player not important enough to trap but a 580 mil one so valuable? Doesn't the little guy deserve a chance too?

    & Eldiavolo if you think that's fair your as blind as cush.

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    For fck's sake, just quit already. You've repeated that same protest ad naseum. We get it. 100m prestige people are important too. Why do you care if Evony is greedy or unfair if you're QUITTING? Take a page from LAE's book and go with some dignity.

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    Wherewolf, the only troll here is you. Stop vying for attention and keep your helpspot tickets to yourself.

    Thanks for the sig, acer
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