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Thread: Account Hacked - Atlantis Stolen CA1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melycious View Post
    Drafting the Insane troop counts of reds on CA1 helped tremendously
    not as much as his troop glitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandman1976 View Post
    Lol made me laugh when u said kilk didn't have to glitch he had Atlantis. Let me guess he just drafted the 220 mil archers 20 mil Bally's 3 mil pults the tens of millions of pikes swords and few million ponies from "inactives" then it must be nice to have that many troops to keep back in a defensive city. Oh and he must have been getting those good drafts from the "inactives" around the same time the troop glitch was happening
    i have 0,0 on cc2 and have more troops than that...i never glitched

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    All those people saying how it cant be hacked etc , will also say your account cannot be banned because of fraudulent credit card usage. The fraudster (by the way Evony knows who he is) will use your email address to purchase packages and then they reverse the credit card charge and presto you are banned. When you are banned you lose all of your suzed cities, and your account is exposed to attacks. It takes evony several days if they fix it at all until they give you access back to your account. By then the damage is done, you lose your suzed cities and the enemy wipes your cities. What I dont understand why evony has yet to fix this problem. (Lol, even Facebook allows you to change your Email address - why not Evony, is it that hard??? People, if you are spending hours and hours on this game and spend $ ... guess what, its all for nothing. You will lose it due to dismissed troops and accounts being banned because of fraudulent credit card transactions. Worse, Evony knows who the fraudster.


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