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Thread: Hacked?

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    This guy is arguing with me that it's not evony's problem.
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    Exactly my arguement to Evony, Elf! Of course they just dont even respond!
    I dealt with the same nimcompoop named Allen as well.

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    Aww poor Allen the Hamster (chuckle)

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    Unfortunately, Elf, the moderators are going to take down your post because you arent allowed to post CS responses in forums. You know they have to hide their incompetence.

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    Yeah, they might. What have I got to lose. Apparently I'm banned, and unless I feel inspired by their incompetence to pay them $30 for a game I'm not really playing anymore anyway, I won't be able to ever play again. Sounds more like a reason to celebrate!

    Anyone want to play Elder Scrolls Online with me? I'll make free food and beer for you!

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    LOL no mention on the thread from Evony but im baaack

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    So have either of you had any luck sending Malicious nice emails asking that he please take care of the payments on your accounts? Maybe if we copies of Sociopaths Weekly
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    Isn't it Fraud to attempt to force customers to pay for orders that they themselves did not place?

    How can a company refuse to cancel an order that the customer never placed?
    Give Straight Amulets, Remove the Packaging from Facebook Gifts!

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    Probably because they can't recall the items. If it were packs and vesta's given out to other players, then it would be harder for them to trace and recall from all the friends and alliance members. It's easier for them - and they make more money simply by having a "pay up or else" clause.

    But even if the hacker uses the smallest amount available $5, and times that by 1000 accounts. If you were Evony, would you try and stop this "free/extra" money?


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