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Thread: How People Are Getting Banned From 5 Minutes of Effort

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    All you have to do is check all accounts that have been blocked in the last 3 months and check if it was blocked because of this issue and if so then check the IP address and/or the Paypal email used in making the payment. restore access to those accounts that can be linked directly to this crime.

    An I would also like to thank you for acrually responding.

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    If you guys could do me a couple things, it will make it easier for me to address this issue.

    Message me via here, and let me know the following if you were impacted:
    1. Account name (Server, lordname), and the email address of the paypal account that made a purchase on your account and CB'ed it to get you suspended.
    2. Current account status
    3. Amount of purchase made against your account
    4. Email address for further discussion.


    In my opinion, this is criminal activity as well as so far against the concept of fairplay that it's just patently harmful to everyone involved. I don't want this for evony, and Paypal doesn't want this from their customers. After messaging me, also be sure to file a complaint with paypal regarding the account that did this to you, and if they ask what we're doing, let them know we're investigating the issue and working on a solution. I will make sure we get our paypal rep included in handling this too.
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    A further question? Is evony going to compensate us for the food that was on our accounts that have now dissapeared as we are unable to post HNM and for the vestas that have been running during this ban?

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    Dave, what I dont understand is WHY no one paid attention to other thread that was started over a month ago?
    And why customer service blamed US?
    Unfortunately for Evony's pocketbooks this company took too long to take action.
    I and many others have left you.

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    Funny thing is I never even said any name anywhere in my posts... Yet I just got this:

    [2:27:30 PM] Mali*****: expect to be asked to appear for court soon. harrasment lawsuit will be coming up soon

    He's full of hot air. Go get him Dave, please. I honest to goodness think this man fits the literal description of a sociopath, he has no sense of right and wrong. He needs to be stopped.
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    I'm glad I got my account back. Not happy I had to pay to do it. But at least it was only a small amount. There is nothing to stop this from happening again in the future. Dave, I will be messaging you with the info you asked for earlier. This guy needs to be shut down down. I agree with Melycious that "legal" is Malicious who is behind the continual attacks, and in my case stalking online. If so, you don't have a leg to stand on buddy ... your IP address, PayPal account and email address has been noted on at least two attempts. You have stalked me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Attempted to hack my Facebook on more than one occasion, not to mention the attempts at a DoS. All of which are illegal activities in every country.

    In my case I use a separate email account for both Evony and Facebook - so how did you get my email? The only thing that comes to mind, is that there is an insider giving out the username/passwords. Former employee maybe? Such as what happened with the troop glitch, anyone remember that little hiccup? If this is the case, then Evony IS responsible for what happened to the hacked & trashed accounts - same as what happened with Aion and Diablo when their databases were compromised.

    As I said in another thread, I don't care if you're red, blue, grey or green. You don't do this. People from all sides have had their accounts affected and it's both disgusting and sickening. If you would do this in a game, what would you do in real life? The fact that Malicious in RL runs a marketing email business and has admitted in WC under an alt to using stolen credit cards to keep coining on Atlantis is for another investigation. Where are those stolen cards coming from? Your clients? Or is it part of something far more sinister?

    Perhaps Dave could put a word forward to the developers with T8000's suggestion as to how to stop this from happening again. I would suggest again, that another level of security be added to the purchases that requires the purchaser to use a login code that is either sent by txt from the registered account holders email address or mobile/cell phone, or that a similar system to that used by Battlenet that requires an authorization code.

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    Dave, glad you're responding to all this and getting involved but can you give us an indication as to how long before we have our accounts back?

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    That's a darn good question. If Evony clearly knows this is fraud, why are we having to wait? I have yet to hear back from Evony period with my inquiry.

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    BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Nice threats Mali-legal

    What happened to the last lawsuit you threatened me with? I was waiting for your lawyer so I could laugh at him and at the money you wasted on his fees! Or all the lawsuits you've threatened everyone else with? This is just your way of crying because you're not getting your way, so you say you're gonna sue everyone. Please come and give me some evidence to use against you and and all of your harassment!

    Where did I put that Filk I wrote last Christmas after he'd gone and hacked/destroyed his 3rd person near the holidays... I had verses of it but I can't find the rest anymore *sniff*

    You're a Mean one, MaliGrinch.
    You're a nasty wasty skunk.
    Your heart is full just of cheating.
    Your soul is full of gunk,

    The three best words that best describe you,
    Are as follows, and I quote"
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    Evony now has all the evidence and witnesses they need to remove legally Marcel Cordewener from the game. If he is posting threats of bodily harm, harassment, etc. we can just call the local news agency in "NETHERLANDS, ZUID-HOLLAND, HENDRIK-IDO-AMBACHT" and let them know about the low moral turpitude of the owner of Malicor Marketing ( and make sure they know how he threatens people.


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